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Klipsch K76K

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Part Number:CSAK76K

Klipsch K76K

This is a Circuit Shop Audio diaphragm made to Klipsch specs. 

It will fit the Klipsch K-58-K, K-59-K, K-62-K, K-63-K, K-71-K, K-72-K, K-74-K, K-75-K, K-76-K, K-79-K, K-80-K, K-81-K, K-82-K, K-83-K, K-84-K, K-85-K, K-88-K, K-90-K

This daphragm fits Klipsch cabinets such as the Chorus, Forte, Gaurtet, Hersey and others.

Overall Diameter: 2.25"

Length: 3.00"

Voice Coil Diameter: 1.00"

DCR: 6.1 ohms

Impedance: 8 ohm

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